Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We have a name.


A name like Judas Goat cries out for an explanation!

When animals are trucked to a slaughterhouse they are often reluctant to get off the truck…..go figure! Most abattoirs have a resident older goat living on the property. The goat is trained to make nice with the animals, and then lead them off the truck to the obvious conclusion. Because of the goat’s treachery, and abuse of his position of trust, he is nicknamed the “Judas Goat”. The tragedy of it all is that the goat is ignorant of what is happening around him and his role in it. He is just being friendly.

Allegedly Blood Alley got its name from the numerous abattoirs that backed onto the alley.

The Judas Goat in Blood Alley, ........for numerous reasons, we couldn’t resist.